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Vestibular rehabilitation


Vestibular rehabilitation

Have you ever woken up and felt like your whole world is spinning? Have you had to lean against the wall to hold yourself up when walking? Well, you might be experiencing a dizziness or vestibular episode.

Dizziness is an umbrella term that is used to describe a variety of sensations. Those sensations include light-headedness, swaying, and feeling disoriented. Vertigo is a specific type of dizziness. It is described as an illusion of movement occurring in the environment. Clients would describe their vertigo symptoms as a sensation of self-spinning or the room is spinning. This sensation can be caused by crystals in the ear being misplaced, by chronic neck pain, or by the patient’s jaw. At our downtown Edmonton clinic, one of our physiotherapists will work with you to determine the root cause of your dizziness and can fix it!

Signs and symptoms of vestibular disorders

  • Weird beating of the eyes
  • Imbalance
  • Difficulty reading
  • Feeling of swaying
  • Description of not feeling right
  • Vertigo

Jade was amazing. I came in for treatment for vertigo and left feeling like my issues will be resolved. She explained in great detail the wellness plan she will implement. The whole team from the front end staff to the therapists were knowledgeable, helpful, and professional.

Jennifer Ward

Scenarios where a dizziness issue may occur

  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Head trauma/concussion
  • Dental work (TMJ)
  • Being on a cruise
  • Insidious – no cause

Vestibular rehabilitation at a glance?

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) is a form of physical therapy that consists of specialized exercises designed for gaze and gait stabilization. Most vestibular therapy exercises involve head movement, an essential factor that helps stimulate and retrain the vestibular system. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is proven to be very effective for most adults and children who suffer from disorders of the vestibular or central balance system.

What are my treatment options?

Address the root cause of your dizziness with vestibular rehabilitation! Edmonton clients who receive early screening and intervention from one of our vestibular therapy experts get back to doing what they love quickly.

At Integral, treatment for vestibular clients can include deep tissue work, IMS, acupuncture, the use of certain modalities and an intense home exercise program to help the client’s balance, gaze stability, and posture that all contribute to their vestibular problem.

Clients should attend each session without taking medications that reduce their dizziness. An Integral physiotherapist has to determine the cause of the problem and taking these meds can mask the symptoms and not give a true evaluation of the dizziness. Clients are warned that they will get dizzy during their treatment, however the physiotherapist will make sure their symptoms are gone before allowing the patient to leave the clinic.

How we can help

Our team is committed to helping you overcome the physical challenges that are preventing you from living life to the fullest. If you’re experiencing dizziness, contact our clinic to learn more about vestibular rehabilitation. Let us help you determine the cause of your dizziness and create a personalized program that will provide the fastest recovery possible.

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