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Motor vehicle collision program


Motor vehicle collision program

Were you in a car accident? That sucks, welcome to Edmonton! Integral Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic understands what our patients need to recover from a car accident. We are a completely independent clinic dedicated to helping you recover from injuries. We are passionate about providing client centered care and ensuring that our clients reach their maximum possible recovery.

Physiotherapy after a car accident

There are multiple injuries that can result from car accidents with whiplash being one of the most common. At Integral Physiotherapy & Sports clinic, we will be able to diagnose your injury and help you rehabilitate from it as quickly and optimally as possible. When it comes to whiplash, many accident victims do not realize they have suffered an injury, as they may not feel pain until several days later. Whiplash is typically caused when drivers or passengers are hit from behind causing the neck to snap forward and backward in a violent, unexpected and unnatural motion.

Adam looks at each issue in a wholistic way. Not only did he make an assessment on this first appointment, he did some treatment and then had one of the kinesiologists in the clinic go over a set of home exercises tailored to address my issue. Those exercises were then sent to me via email and a link to an app where I can watch a video to ensure I am doing the exercises correctly. I am confident that my knee issue will be resolved with Adam’s help. If you are looking for good value for your money, check out Integral.

Nancy WS

Whiplash symptoms

There are several symptoms of whiplash with the most common being a stiff and painful neck. Some of the include:

  • Low back, shoulder and arm or hand pain/numbness
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Irritability
  • Memory or concentration problems
  • Increased fatigue
  • Bruising where your body was in contact with the seatbelt

If you suffer from any of these symptoms following a car crash it is recommended that you visit a doctor. Your doctor can then recommend Integral Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic to help with your symptoms. We will be able to assess your injuries and let you know when you should begin a rehabilitation program. The symptoms often persist for several weeks to a few months depending on the severity. Most patients are able to resume their normal activities after a week or two with minimal pain.

Our goal is maximum recovery

At Integral, we want you to focus your energy on healing. If you been in a car accident, it is important to see an Integral physiotherapist as soon as possible. Potentially serious and costly injuries may seem insignificant at first but with proper treatments and education we can ensure full recovery. Our experienced, compassionate staff is dedicated to helping clients recover in a positive, caring environment that utilizes the best in leading edge technology. We know that a car accident can be frustrating and that recuperation often involves a great deal of time and energy. That’s why our multi-disciplinary team focuses on combining the best technology with a human touch that allows you to achieve optimal recovery.

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