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Kaitlyn Sosnowski


Kaitlyn Sosnowski


Kaitlyn’s journey to becoming a physiotherapist began during the years she spent dancing semi-professionally in Edmonton. An Edmonton local, Kaitlyn always says that when she wasn’t in the dance studio training, she was probably at a physiotherapy appointment getting help for her never-ending list of injuries. Her early exposure to physical therapy allowed Kaitlyn to develop a passion for helping individuals recover from their injuries and come out stronger than before. This passion led her to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science with a Specialization in Integrative Physiology from the University of Alberta in 2019, followed by graduating with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy in 2021.

Kaitlyn Sosnowski standing in front of the Integral logo with the graduation belt over her shoulder.Kaitlyn Sosnowski performing agility ladder drills in front of the Integral logo.

Kaitlyn’s experience, education, and background in athletics have given her the right tools and techniques to put you on top. Whether you’re an athlete with a new or nagging injury, or someone struggling with ongoing aches and pains, Kaitlyn’s integrative treatment approach can get you performing and feeling your best. By combining active therapeutic exercise with manual therapy techniques, Kaitlyn will not only provide a unique and personalized approach to your treatment, but will also help you reach whatever goals you bring to the table.

When Kaitlyn isn’t at the clinic, you can find her working out, hiking in the mountains, baking up a storm (cookies, cupcakes, birthday cakes – you name it, she’ll bake it), or hanging out at the local dog park.

Education, certificates and experience

  • Bachelor of Science, University of Alberta – 2019
  • Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, University of Alberta – 2021
  • Temporomandibular (TMJ) Joint Management, APTEI – 2022
  • Manual Therapy for New Graduates – 2022

Fun facts

Stepbrothers or the Harry Potter series.

The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer or Shantaram by Gregory Roberts.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky – Michael Scott (If you know, you know).

Hiking, skating, and dance!

Skor, but I’ll be happy with pretty much anything as long as it has chocolate in it!

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