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“Wherever you are, be all there.” ― Jim Elliot

Joseph moved to Canada in 2011 and has gone on a journey to become a Physiotherapist. He decided to make physiotherapy his life-long profession when he realized the profound impact it could have on people. He fell in love with the feeling of fulfillment that physiotherapists enjoy while helping people. He has recently completed his Master’s in Physiotherapy at the University of Alberta.  

Joseph enjoys staying as active as possible in the Edmonton community. You might have seen him heavily involved in some indoor Edmonton Sport and Social soccer nights, or you might see him enjoying the sunshine in the summer with an outdoor boxing workout. Either way, his active lifestyle has led Joseph to believe that a suitable physical exercise program, which combines stretching and strengthening, can balance our everyday lives. 

Joseph El-HamchaouiJoseph is passionate about encouraging his clients in realizing the strength and resiliency of their bodies and empowering them to take an active role in their recovery. He is a strong believer that a good physiotherapist is someone who prioritizes continuous learning and continuously drives to find the root cause of his clients problem.  

In Joseph, clients can expect a therapist who values connecting with his patients. He believes every individual’s path is different, and uses tools such as manual therapy, education, and exercise to help them achieve their personalized goals. Along the way, Joseph’s contagious enthusiasm, fun loving and positive attitude will have you smiling more often than not. Joseph is truly satisfied when he is able to help his clients maintain the ability to live their life to the fullest. 

Some of his favorite conditions to treat include:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Lower Kinetic Chain Injuries (Hips/Knees/Ankles)
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Achilles tendinopathies
  • Ankle sprains

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences UofA – 2016
  • Master’s in Business Administration, University of Alberta – 2020
  • Master of Science in Physiotherapy, University of Alberta – 2020
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Level 1 – 2020
  • Concussion Rehab Works, Level 1 – 2021
  • Concussion Rehab Works, Level 2 – 2021
  • Functional Dry Needling Level 1 (pending) – 2021

Fun Facts

What is your favourite movie?

Rush Hour 2 and more recently Passengers 

What is your favourite book?

Option B by Sheryl Sandberg 

Always on the hunt for a good personal development book so swing them my way! Atomic habits was my favourite recent one there

What is your favourite TV show?

If I’m not watching sports it would be Breaking bad, House, Suits (Harvey..) and I’ve recently finally started binge watching the office (quickly becoming favourite..)

What is your clinic nickname?

Joey – for now

What are your favourite sport and outdoor activities?

Soccer is what I have played and watched my whole life. Recently found myself enjoying a lot more NBA and NFL as well. Still trying hard to get into hockey… Outdoors you’ll find me floating rivers, camping, hiking and travelling the world. 

What is your favourite Blizzard flavour?

Choco brownie. Actually, absolutely anything to do with chocolate brownies 

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Those are the three words that best describe the treatment you will get from Adam. Adam is a genius when it comes to physiotherapy!

I would highly recommend Adam to anyone with any type of skeletal problems such as those I had exhibited. He is very thorough and very knowledgeable…and he gets results!!

Jade is the best! She kept me safe while recovering from a back injury and working full time. I found she was really great at adapting exercises and treatment to my pain level.

It is easy to see that Adam loves his job and genuinely wants to help his patients. He brings a sense of humor and a huge amount of knowledge to his work. I would recommend Adam to anyone looking for a great physiotherapist.

Jade in particular was an exemplary PT with an unprecedented aptitude for combining treatment with compassion. It’s rare to see someone so passionate and so dedicated to delivering exceptional care every single day. I would certainly recommend her services to newcomers because she explains the etiology of injuries well and works hard to facilitate recovery during sessions and offers good advice to work on after the session is complete.

Thank you Adam, you are the most educated professional I have ever worked with and without your help and teamwork, my members would not be able to sustain the quality of life that they deserve!

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